I love the color green. I love graphic design. I love cheese. I love coffee. I love my family. I love my dogs. I love my friends. I love designing. I love watching the sunset. I love the shade of blue on the sky when the sun has already set and before it turns into complete darkness. I love the sound and smell of mornings (although I'm not a morning person). I love reading. I love watching movies. I love writing down my thoughts. I love a room lit by candles and filled with the smell of incense. I love travelling. I love going to museums, specially by myself, and taking all the time in the world to read and take in an exhibition. I love going to bookstores. I love collecting beautifully designed books. I love designing books. I love walking. I love riding my bike, listening to music and just watching everything that surrounds me. I love music. I love being on a plane. I love being on a train. I love being on a boat. I love going to small coffee shops and drinking a cappuccino while I work. I love swearwords. I love exploring a city. I love a good meal. I love discovering new restaurants. I love desserts. I love chocolate. I love ice cream. I love coloring mandalas. I love my name. I love being outside. I love hikes and walking through nature. I love taking pictures. I love Colombia. I love the world. I love Spanish. I love French. I love finding inspiration on my day to day. I love events/experiences at break my routine. I love having things to do. I love using my hands. I love sleeping. I love being awake.
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